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Thread: 5500T data logs

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    5500T data logs

    I have my main buss connected to the SV-EMS pin 1 to measure alternator/battery voltage into the aircraft. I connected the IBBS battery information to pin 13 on the EFIS expansion plug. When I pull the data logs there is a Back Volts listed. Where is Back Volts measuring voltage?



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    SV-EMS pin 1 (or pin 2) is for SkyView displays only. This isn't read in the AF-5000 displays currently.

    Volts 2 (pin 13) should show the charge state of the IBBS.

    Back Volts is pin 6 of the EFIS Expansion, this should show passthrough voltage when passthrough power is flowing into the IBBS then show the internal IBBS voltage when the master is powered off.
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