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Thread: Stratux Serial Output

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    Stratux Serial Output

    There have been many questions as to how to get a Stratux working with serial output. Its hard to provide the support necessary for such a system but I hope this will get everyone on the same track.

    BUY THIS ONE with programmed Product Description:

    If you aren't at least a novice tinkerer you many want to think twice.

    Buy a CP2102 module with switches like this:
    I got one from eBay for $2 shipped from China.
    Name:  CP2102-switch.jpg
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    Now we need to configure the USB devices description

    On the Stratux:
    I've successfully built on the Stratux itself via SSH
    Then run sudo ./cp210x-cfg -N "Stratux Serialout"

    Otherwise in Windows:
    Disconnect the USB adapter from the Stratux and plug it into your PC
    Then run the CP210xVCPInstaller_x**.exe that matches the type of your computer.
    Extract this file then locate and run:\CP21xxCustomization Utility\CP21xxCustomizationUtility.exe

    Change Product Description to exactly Stratux Serialout

    Press Program Device

    Name:  CP2102-program.jpg
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    Now to connect the EFIS to the module:
    Solder wires to GND and 232T <--- CHECK THE LABEL CAREFULLY don't use 'TXD' as its TTL levels
    Name:  CP2102-wire.jpg
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    Connect these to the EFIS's Serial RX and the Serial GND. (Use serial 1 or 3 for s processors and 4500)

    Configure switches on module to:
    Name:  CP2102-config.jpg
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    Setup the Stratux:
    Plug CP2102 to Stratux and power up.
    Connect to
    Set Serial Output Baudrate to 115200
    Name:  CP2102-stratux.png
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    Reboot Stratux

    As we don't directly support this setup please post questions or other support for others to find.
    Shawn McGinnis

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    Here is my example of mounting the DB-9, or take it to the next level and add pins for your RPi's 5V and GND.
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    Shawn McGinnis

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