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Thread: Stratux Serial Output

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    Stratux Serial Output

    There have been many questions as to how to get a Stratux working with serial output. Its hard to provide the support necessary for such a system but I hope this will get everyone on the same track.

    BUY THIS ONE with programmed Product Description:

    If you aren't at least a novice tinkerer you many want to think twice.

    Buy a CP2102 module with switches like this:
    I got one from eBay for $2 shipped from China.
    Name:  CP2102-switch.jpg
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    Now we need to configure the USB devices description

    On the Stratux:
    I've successfully built on the Stratux itself via SSH
    Then run sudo ./cp210x-cfg -N "Stratux Serialout"

    Otherwise in Windows:
    Disconnect the USB adapter from the Stratux and plug it into your PC
    Then run the CP210xVCPInstaller_x**.exe that matches the type of your computer.
    Extract this file then locate and run:\CP21xxCustomization Utility\CP21xxCustomizationUtility.exe

    Change Product Description to exactly Stratux Serialout

    Press Program Device

    Name:  CP2102-program.jpg
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    Now to connect the EFIS to the module:
    Solder wires to GND and 232T <--- CHECK THE LABEL CAREFULLY don't use 'TXD' as its TTL levels
    Name:  CP2102-wire.jpg
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    Connect these to the EFIS's Serial RX and the Serial GND. (Use serial 1 or 3 for s processors and 4500)

    Configure switches on module to:
    Name:  CP2102-config.jpg
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    Setup the Stratux:
    Plug CP2102 to Stratux and power up.
    Connect to
    Set Serial Output Baudrate to 115200
    Name:  CP2102-stratux.png
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    Reboot Stratux

    As we don't directly support this setup please post questions or other support for others to find.
    Shawn McGinnis

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    Here is my example of mounting the DB-9, or take it to the next level and add pins for your RPi's 5V and GND.
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    Shawn McGinnis

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    Hi...I have a FlightBox ads-b wired to my Horizon WS and it works great. "Open Source Solutions" who sell the FlightBox also sell a USB to RS-232 conversion kit for $45. I put my FlightBox above the storage area and ran a 12 foot USB cable that I cut off one end to access the orange wire in the cable. The orange wire is the only wire you need to hookup to your HRx.If you go to the GRT website and download the Stratux Open Source ADS-B Supplement document,it will give you specific instructions on how to connect the Stratux to your GRT equipment. Section 3.1 of that supplement will describe the program changes you need to make to your "General Setup."

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