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    Gps source

    Just curious, from the new manual pg 16,

    SOURCE Sets the GPS source for the SVN display (GNAV1, GPS2, AUTO). The Dynon GPS-250 or GPS-2020 have higher accuracy than an ARINC GPS GNAV1 source.

    How does the afs gps250 have higher accuracy than the Avidyne or Garmin ARINC Gnav1 ? Does the ARINC strip away something from the expensive gps?
    Dave Ford

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    When you don't have to prove the accuracy (to the FAA level) the device you can more decimals of precision which is the case for the GPS-250. (More here) Compare that to a certified GPS which has to guarantee that every decimal reported is accurate.

    The GPS-2020 is brand new technology so it runs much faster then a standard AVTN or NMEA 9600 device.
    Shawn McGinnis

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