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Thread: Inflight Reboot

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    Inflight Reboot

    During a flight last week I experienced two unprovoked reboots of my AF-5500.
    Both times the instrument recovered with no input from me, but after the
    second reboot there was an annoying "flashing" of the video screen. The incident
    occurred at high altitude and very cold OAT (5F). The cockpit temperature was
    somewhat warmer, but still quite cold. After descent to a lower (warmer) altitude
    the flashing effect gradually disappeared. The incident did not repeat on several
    subsequent flights in warmer (and lower) conditions. Any ideas?

    One of the things I tried to stop the flashing effect was to reboot the
    instrument in flight by turning off the master power. It would not reboot
    in this condition, and continued to operate on the backup power. Is
    there a magic key sequence to force an in-flight reboot?

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    If you are using the TCW backup and wired it direct to ground it is easy enough to install a switch to turn off the backup battery. I am not sure if the system will reboot correctly while airborne with the backup turned off, it might go into the full boot which requires that the aircraft remains stationary for the ADAHARS to normalize.

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    Be sure to send in your SYSTEM and FLIGHT logs as they can show some valuable data in these issues.

    With an SD card installed press the following sequence:
    AF-5000 - SET -> LOGS -> SYSTEM
    AF-3/4000 - CHECK -> MAINT -> ADMIN -> SYS LOGS -> START

    Email and attach the *.ALS file from the SD card to
    Shawn McGinnis

    Advanced Flight Systems

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