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Thread: RPM Sensor - Part number or brand or place to buy.

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    RPM Sensor - Part number or brand or place to buy.


    Installing the final engine sensors and I "found out" that my previous setup did not require a hall-effect RPM sensor like the AFS-5600 units.

    I have to non-pressure Slick magnetos, but can you please help with either the right part number for a sensor or is it possible to buy it at AFS?

    I'm pretty much grounded until I get this on - so any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Copenhagen - Denmark

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    AFS sells the RPM sensor for the Slick magneto when connecting to their EFIS. If you look at whatever manual you have and look up installing the RPM sensor, the picture shows the small red sensor installed onto the magneto. Hope this helps. Larry

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    Yes - I have seen the "red" sensor - but did not get a reply yet from AFS Sales. Hope to get answer soon.

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    Simular question. Need to buy replacement fuel (no number found) and oil pressure (p/n 41115) sensors. Both are threaded metallic cylinders. Where can I purchase? AFS-3500 engine sensor package for RV7, Lycoming IO360M1B

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    Leave us a message at 503-263-0037 Ext 2 and Jenn can get they sent to you Monday. She just need to know you are injected. Most likely you have the silver sensors with black screw terminal known as VDO.
    Shawn McGinnis

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