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Thread: Adsb 472

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    Adsb 472

    I see that the new replacement 472 boxes from Dynon are going to be sent out soon. Will a software update for the 5000 TS EFIS units be necessary too?

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    The new 472 will work with existing code. No update needed at this time.
    Shawn McGinnis

    Advanced Flight Systems

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    Adsb 472

    Hi Shawn,
    Who do I contact to get my ADSB 472 replaced?

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    I'm not Shawn but I was directed to contact Dynon support 425-402-0433 ask for support give them your info and possibly the serial number of your unit. Was easy with no hassles. Larry

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    Just heard back from Dynon and I should see one in two weeks. Thanks

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