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Thread: Pocket FMS Military Restricted Areas not showing correctly

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    Pocket FMS Military Restricted Areas not showing correctly

    I've been using the Pocket FMS databases for Canadian Airspace for about 6 months. I've noticed that it has some errors and incomplete lines for military restricted areas around my home base of Cold Lake (Very large military restricted areas). I checked a few other Canadian MOAs and restricted areas and they seemed fine so I thought it was an anomaly for the CYR204 in my area

    Since I was planning a trip South I decided to load up the Salt Lake and LA ARTCCs to get that database info for the trip.Then I compared the airspaces along my planned route to foreflight and noticed significant discrepancies WRT military restricted areas. The Military Restricted areas west of Salt Lake City and those North of Las Vegas are incomplete when using the Pocket FMS database. They are drawn correctly on the Pocket FMS program on the PC but not on the AFS screen using the database created. No errors were displayed during the file creation process.

    Downloading the US database from the AFS website and loading it in the displays this database draws everything fine. For this trip I will use the PocketFMS database to get me to the airport of entry, then change the database file to the US Database file from the AFS website.

    It would be nice to hear if others have similar issues with the Pocket FMS database and if there is a known solution. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong.


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    I sent you a new copy of the latest export version 6. Can you reply with your export report?
    Shawn McGinnis

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    Hi Shawn,

    I just replaced the .dll file in the pocket FMS program with the file you provided for me. After a new export everything looks to be in order, all military restricted areas appear to be fully drawn and accurately positioned.

    Thanks for your help.

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