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Thread: Flaps and Elevator trim positions sensor connections to AFS.

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    Flaps and Elevator trim positions sensor connections to AFS.

    sorry to bother all, but me and my aircraft electric mechanic can't work out how to connect the sensors for the Flaps and Trim to the V1 AFS 5000 (non-SV).

    Out of the Elevator MAC servo/sensor there are 5 wires. 2 are white and for the motor. The rest are position sensor.
    Out of the Ray Allen Flaps sensor there are 3 wires - all for position sensor.

    We have a non AFS controller board for the Trim (connects to aircraft power, the trim motor and the sticks. We would not wish to use the AFS to control or supply the trim motor with power - we only want the indication on the screen - the same for the Flaps sensor.

    On the Engine Sensor connect, pin 34 is flap position (IN) and pin 35 is elevator trim position (in) - but which wire of the 3 goes in here and is it enough ? Pin 2+3 are Trim power and GND (out) but since we have a control board for the trim I suppose that this is not to be used.

    We are quite puzzled but the description of install manual page 157.

    Can someone please help out ??

    Getting to a fully ready aircraft very soon - super exited !!

    Per, Copenhagen - Denmark

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    The Ray Allen sensors are wired to the AFS system only. The trim motors are wired to the trim control board. The sensor wires are red(+) green (signal) blue(-). The sensor positive and negative get their power from the AFS and if you connect them anywhere else you have to make sure that theyare the correct voltage as the AFS can not take 12 v in on the signal. Gang the two positive and the two negative wires and connect them to the sensor positive and negative pins. Hope this helps.

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    Like this ???


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    Yes, that is correct

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    Just wanted to point out this document if it got overlooked:
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