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Thread: Swinging magnetometers

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    Swinging magnetometers

    I am about to complete the install - and one of the first thing we will do after validating all connections will be to "swing" or align the two magnetometers. My question is: Should the PFD and MFD be separate during the swing (no network cable between them) or can this be done from one of the display units ?


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    Hi Per, I did mine as installed connected together and and at the same time. Once direction was obtained I just acted like they were separate and did them both following the individual on screen instructions. Larry

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    let me understand this right: You initiated the calibration on both units at the same time after roughly aligning to magnetic North ?

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    I as per the manual taxied to GPS north stopped and followed the manual to start the calibration procedure on # 1 screen then #2 screen while at GPS north and then followed the on screen instructions to the next 3 directions and repeated the on screen instructions to complete the calibration. Referring to page 26 of the 5.3 edition of the manual.

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    Be sure to update to the latest software and it will automatically put the secondary display into calibration mode. I would really wait to calibrate the magnetometer when it is installed in the aircraft and in flight configuration. The display won't be able to detect any difference between install locations but if the location changes it needs to be re-calibrated.
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    Thanks - we will not calibrate until all is installed correctly and aircraft is in flight-configuration. Great that the latest software will put both in calibration mode.

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