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Thread: AFS Transponder 74109 setup

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    AFS Transponder 74109 setup

    My remote transponder is connected and seems controllable from the EFIS (squawk code, mode, etc.) yet shows "x'd out" on the EFIS screen. The aircraft is in the hangar not yet completed, not likely receiving pings. I am getting ADSB traffic on the EFIS, however (ADSB receiver at least). See attached for settings.
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    An UNAVALABLE Software Updates reads that there is no transponder available to update. Check that the transponder is power on and that the serial data is wired THAT display. If it is not wired to that display you need to disable the serial port function 74109 AF-XPDR-261 to allow the data to propagate from the other display. The other display would need to be configured properly.

    Side Note 1: Please enter the Mode S Code for the aircraft of A9A7AD
    Side Note 2: If you have the 74112 AF-ADSB-470 receiver you need to change the ADS-B In Frequency to UAT only.
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