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Thread: Jeppesen - Europe Maps

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    Jeppesen - Europe Maps

    I am in contact with Jeppesen to get European Map Data for my two 5600's. It seems as Jeppesen wants me to purchase 2 licenses for my devices - so I could have Map data on both devices although it's 1 system ? Am I the only one who thinks this sounds strange ?

    Also, I am wondering if, besides basic map details also can get VAC (VFR) and even IFR Sectional and approach plates in Europe and from where ?

    Per Andersen
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    RV-6A - AFS EFIS upgrading.

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    It should be one per aircraft. The data is then loaded onto your SD or USB, then into each display.
    Shawn McGinnis

    Advanced Flight Systems

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    This is the reply I got from Jeppesen:

    We have Advanced Flight Systems with Navdata VFR and Obstacles BUT this company doesn’t allow a reduced price for 2 units.
    It would cost for 2 units Europe annual subscription 295,00 € each.

    I will follow your advice Shawn - Purchasing 1 license and then load to both USB's. Thanks.

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    There ist a cheaper way to get the Mapd Data:
    Vans RV7a flying D-EMRV

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    I had PocketFMS briefly installed but download mechanism on my Mac is impossible (they admit it's totally outdated) and the data for Denmark was also incorrect - Half drawn danger and restricted areas - naming of VFR reporting points were wrong) and even worse Copenhagen Area (TMA's for EKCH and EKRK) was also incorrect on the chart I downloaded (the newest), and I could not even get RNAV reporting points in - so all in all a lot of things missing - agree that PocketFMS is cheaper than Jeppesen.

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