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Thread: 3500 screen blank

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    3500 screen blank

    My screen has randam pixels going across screen after leaving master on to charge internal battery for 1/2 hour. Is there a way to reset the unit or does it have to be sent back? Checked voltage of internal battery and plane battery and only thing is internal battery is just over 8 volts which is higher than its rated.

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    Called today for help. It turned out to be a loose cable inside.
    Thanks for your steering me in right direction.

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    Hi ricgc

    I think I'm experiencing something similar.... Can you tell me more? I'm in the UK and reluctuant to ship the unit back to the states, but may have to as the aircraft is effectively grounded without the 3500.

    When I turn on the unit, either with ship power or using the internal battery, I get a white screen. Slowly, over a minute or two, the screen may get vertical black lines, or a fading white "tunnel vision" effect. Occassionally I get garbage displayed on the screen.

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    No worries, i've fixed it.

    As I knew it was likely to be the display controller (I could tell from audio messages that the main EFIS/EM processor was working normally), I went straight to the front panel display connector, which had partially unseated. Pushed it back into place and all was working fine again.

    Thanks for the pointer.

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