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Thread: Red Cube failure?

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    Red Cube failure?

    This is for an RV7 with a Lycoming IO360, Silverhawk fuel injector using AFS3500. A Red cube fuel flow transducer is mounted directly after, and attached to the fuel injector. It was working for the first 130 hours then appears to have failed as the indication on the EFIS shows zero with an all red bar.

    Could engine vibration have caused premature failure of the cube? Could the configuration be wrong? Here is a picture of the set up screen on the EFIS>>>

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    I was really just hoping for a general discussion about the reliability of this particular fuel flow transducer. My default plan is to remove it since it has never really given data that could be used and trusted. In fact most AFS fuel related sensors have not worked reliably, so I've given up in this department. I am on my 3rd fuel pressure sensor on an aircraft with Total hobbs of 150 and I think this one is failing. Never been able to get either fuel capacity indicators to work properly, just turned them off.

    Sometimes old fashioned fuel management is better.
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    I have a carb 0-360 on a RV-7A with a red cube installed in the fuel line displaying on a 3500S. The red cube is installed suspended in the incoming fuel line to the carb. 600+ hours with no problems and is reasonable accurate. (.5 gal on fill up). I belive hard mounting thses cubes leads to an early failure. My opinion only...

    I'm happy with it.....

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    the hard mount might be the issue

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    The problem is the top of gauge value is incorrect. Press and hold the adjustment knob to zero the Max (Top of Gauge) value. Then reset to an acceptable top of gauge.
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