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    Map / Ap Plt

    I have a single screen AF-5600 system running ver 12.3.3 connected to a GTN 650. What is the function of the Map / ApPlt button? Today I was flying with a destination set on the 650 and properly reflected on the 5600. When I selected Map > ApPlt a totally different airport was presented. The airport presented happened to be a bit closer than the destination but it was not in the flight plan.


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    I am having a similar problem. Running version 12.03.03 software and connected to a GPSMAP 396. The approach plates presented are for the departure airport NOT the destination.


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    Did you get a response from anyone at Advanced? I haven't. However, I have discovered a work around. Access the flight plan, scroll down to the destination, press the INFO button, then press the AP PLT button. You can then select the plate you want. After that you can return to the map page and any time you select MAP | AP PLT after that you'll recall the plate you selected.


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    Hi Greg,

    Thanks. The Last I heard Ken was looking into the situation. The technique you mentioned works but it is a lot of button pushing that shouldn't be necessary - and it wasn't in a prior release.


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    Hi Dick,

    I concur. Glad to hear Ken is looking into it. Thanks.


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