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Thread: Flap alarm feature request

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    Flap alarm feature request

    My AOA system uses the flap position sensor to change presets. Would there be much to adding a flap alarm based on airspeed and flap position instead of the older AOA closure from the manual? Does this already exist?

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    I like this suggestion.

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    I like this suggestion too. Maybe something similar to the "retractable gear" warning system. You set where you want the audio warning to start (Vfe - 5 kts???) and if you go that air speed or higher, you get a warning ("Warning -- Raise Flaps"). Similarly, if you air speed goes below a certain number, you get an audio warning to lower flaps. Have it where you can turn either warning on or off. That way you can configure the system the way you want it. Have it check the engine speed so you don't get a warning to "Lower flaps" when you're sitting on the ground, cleaning up the aircraft for taxi.

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