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Thread: RPM indication for Rotax 912

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    RPM indication for Rotax 912

    starting to get to the pointy bit of wiring, how does the 2500 analog module interface with the Rotax 912 tach signal wires.

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    The 912 can be interfaced to the 2500 using our 71,420RX RPM Interface board. Call us at 503-263-0037 x 2 for ordering.

    The Rotax engines have a 5th trigger coil for RPM monitoring. The trigger coil outputs on a two wire harness. Connect one of the two wires to ground and the other to the supplied 33Kresistor, the other end of the resistor than connects to the P/N: 71420 R Rotax RPM interfaceboard yellow wire. The Rotax RPM interface board is a small heat shrunk module and shouldbe secured on the inside of the aircraft. If you are using the P/N:71420RX you do not need toinstall the 33K resistor.
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