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    Composite video

    On one of my screens to come will be interested in playing video from an a/v source, what methods are used to input video-- usb?, Bluetooth?, rca jack? Will video be available from all networked screens? Is a camera interface available?
    Dave Ford

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    Video Input is available through our USB Video Input Adapter for screen running OS:5. To see if your screen is capable use [CHECK] -> [ABOUT] -> [SYSTEM]

    Video sources connect via S-Video or Composite input with the Video Input Adapter. Both NTSC and PAL formats are supported for worldwide compatibility. The Video Input Adapter must be plugged in before the display is turned on and remain plugged in for the full flight to view video on the display. In a multiple display system, one Adapter must be used per display; they do not share the video over the network.

    More upgrade info:
    Shawn McGinnis

    Advanced Flight Systems

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