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    No GPS


    I just logged on to report a NOGPS issue as well on my 3500. The Lat/Long fields in the logs are not updating, but my 496 GPS is communication fine with the EFIS for NAV readings. The NOGPS reading is affecting the Fuel Remaining, Gallons per NM and Wind readings. Like I said though, the EFIS is reading the NAV data from the GPS just fine.

    I used the Lat/Long data to review my flights, and can't do that anymore.

    Problem started when my battery died and had to be replaced.


    Andrew Butler.
    AF-3000 Software Version:7.3.7-MV15 uMon:1.6.6 SN: 60338

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    Here are links to two examples of the logs, one with normal updates, and one as is now.


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    How long has it been since you replaced your clock battery?

    Shawn McGinnis

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