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Thread: Checklist Files/Updating

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    Checklist Files/Updating

    As I am not very computer savvy, having a little difficulty updating checklists..I have a 3500 Non-S and a slave screen that is an "S" unit..For some reason, I have checklists on my SD cards that have file extensions "AFD" and One that is "TXT"..I tried to update them, but when I put them in the EFIS, it does not read the changes I made, and displays the old checklists. 1) Which file extension does the EFIS use...afd or txt? 2) Do I have to change both SD cards for the checklist to appear on each screen, or will the main EFIS drive the slave screen checklist? 3) Does someone have an update procedure for the checklists for windows 8.1, and if so could you post it? 4) If I were to delete the Checklist files, where do I download them again, and is this my best course of action?.......I apologize if this is a windows question, and not an EFIS-type question...since I have acquired Windows 8.1, everything has went to H-E double hockey sticks ...Any help appreciated..! Thanks!

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    email your file to and we will check it for you.
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    I had this problem recently, and here is what I found. If you double click the CHKLST.AFD file, it will normally open in a text editor (Notepad or similar) and when you save your work, it will save the file with a .TXT suffix instead of the required .AFD suffix. If this happens, windows does not allow you to rename the file to correct the suffix easily. I went into the command prompt under the START button (lower left in windows) and from there type "E:" or whatever the drive letter is with your SD card. Then type "rename chklst.txt chklst.afd" and that will get you on your way.
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    If you change the Save as type to All Files (*.*) you can then specify the ending extension. Saving as Text Document (*.txt) forces the .txt extension to be appended to the filename.

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