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Thread: OS 10 and AF-Pilot

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    OS 10 and AF-Pilot

    I just upgraded my AF-5500 to version 10 of the operating system. During flight I could not engage the AF-Pilot using the AF-5500 buttons. I was able to engage the AF-Pilot using the EFIS button on the autopilot head. I checked the system settings and they appear the same as before the new operating system installation. What should I check to reinstate autopilot on/off control from the EFIS?



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    Make sure that you have the AF-Pilot serial port (TX+RX) wired to the EFIS and the EFIS serial port is configured as AF-Pilot.

    There should be a ENGAGE and DISENGAGE button on the EFIS AP menu.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    Thanks, Rob. I didn't see the ENGAGE/DISENGAGE button yesterday. It does work properly now that I know that button is there.

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