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Thread: Full backup of System files

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    Full backup of System files


    I have recently acquired access to an RV7 with a dual AF-3500 non 's' CPU setup.

    After several flights first one and now the other EFIS units no longer keep the time/date settings. Both the AF-3500 come into the five year old bracket and from the forum I can see that the BR-1255 battery needs to be replaced.

    I have the PDF that details how to replace the battery however I am not familiar enough with the process of obtaining a Full Backup of the System Files that is recommended before changing the battery.

    I have the User And Installation Manual Version 7.2 but don't see a reference to doing the backup. Is there a technical document for doing the backup or please can someone point me to where I should be looking for the information in the manual?

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    From the Calibration menu:

    1. Admin Settings
    1.Transfer Files TO/FROM SD Card
    1. All User Range and Data Files (Turn Knob to select BACKUP)
    Press START
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    Thanks Rob much appreciated .......

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