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Thread: Baro Pressure setting problem

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    Baro Pressure setting problem

    The other day as I changed ATC units the baro pressure changed from 1010mb to 1008mb. However my AF4500 would not let me set 1008, it kept jumping between 1009 and 1007. In the end I gave up and accepted the altitude reading was 30ft out.

    Has anyone else seen this kind of problem? This is the first time it has happened to me in 2 years and >100 hours.

    On a completely different subject, I have to change out my GPS feeding into the 4500 and am considering using a AFS 73101 remote GPS. Is this 'plug & play'? How is power provided to the GPS?


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    I have seen this, except I thought I was unable to select 1009, maybe it was 1008. I've had it where I could select it 5 minutes later and then other times not. Like you I haven't been too bothered.

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