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Thread: transponder/altitude serial ports

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    transponder/altitude serial ports

    Hi Guys,

    I see on the new 5000 documentation that the transponder "should" be wired to the EFIS, serial port 2 to receive icarus altitude output - is this an absolute requirement due to the altitude encoding, or could another serial port be used? Does the altitude encoding cross to the MFD such that I could use a serial port on that to feed into the GTN/Navworx/327?

    I see on the suggested wiring diagram posted separately in the forums that altitude could come off another serial, so wanted to make sure there weren't any changes with the update that makes this not the case - i have the AF-Pilot coming off serial 2 of the PFD

    Of course I found this out after already wired, but I have the altitude wired into serial port 2 of my MFD and it would be easier if I didn't have to redo!


    (awesome setup so far - dual 5600s, GTN650, GTX327, Navworx, AFpilot - they seem to play nice together - only problems have been self-induced wiring issues!)

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    It can be any serial port.
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    On a related question, my Stein built harness from the GTN650 sends rs232 to pin 19, with icarus altitude from 5600 sent to pin 2.

    Your diagrams have the icarus from the 5600 to pin 19 - will there be problems with this setup?


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    Pin 19 on the EFIS is a ground pin?
    Rob Hickman
    Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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    Sorry - Pin 2 and Pin 19 on the GTX327.

    Your recommended drawing has icarus output from the 5600 going to pin 19 on the transponder. Stein has wired the GTN650 output to pin 19 on the transponder, and his wiring schematic puts the AFS 5600 icarus output to Pin 2 on the transponder. I wanted to make sure these two inputs didn't conflict with each other

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    You will have to ensure the configuration on your GTX-327 matches the wiring on the harness. If the AFS-5600 is wired into pin #2, confirm the configuration for that serial port is ICARUS ALT. You don't have to swap serial ports on the GTX-327.
    Isaac Becktold

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