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Under 25 Car Rental Fort Lauderdale Airport
Best rental cars in Fort Lauderdale Airport. No hidden charges. Free cancellation

Usually, it is really simple to get a rental car by complying with the following:

Decide exactly what you need.
Alamo is the car rental company with highest customers' rank in Fort Lauderdale Airport with a rating average score of 8.9/10, based on 10000+ customer reviews. The cheapest vehicle from Alamo is Kia Rio of Economy car rental class for

Under 25 car rentals near Fort Lauderdale - Airport [FLL]
On this page, you will see the prices for rental cars in Fort Lauderdale - Airport [FLL], Florida, USA from the best rental companies for drivers younger than 25. Our service allows you to compare prices for different cars and choose the best option for young drivers.

Below are the lists of cars, available for rental by young drivers in Fort Lauderdale - Airport [FLL], Florida, USA and nearby locations. These lists contain the models and basic characteristics of cars, as well as their approximate prices. They allow the estimation of the level of prices and the range of the possible options. To learn about the precise prices and availability of the cars for the required dates, please fill in the dates of the beginning and the end of the rental in the search form above and press the “Search” button, or just press the “Check” button below the image of the car you prefer.

The presented lists contain the data obtained by our system from the previous car rental requests in Fort Lauderdale - Airport [FLL], Florida, USA and the nearby locations. Since the prices depend on the season of rental, the actual prices on the requested date may be different from the represented ones.

Car rental locations near Fort Lauderdale - Airport [FLL]
For your convenience, we’ve placed a list of the nearest car rental locations on this page, where drivers under 25 could rent a car.

Map of locations near Fort Lauderdale - Airport [FLL]
On the map below, you can familiarize yourself with position and distance leading to the nearest rental locations, where it is possible for drivers under 25 to rent cars.

Please note that, as a rule, drivers under 25 have to pay an additional fee called “young drivers fee”. In fact, this is the amount levied by rental companies as a fee for additional risks connected with providing a rental car to inexperienced drivers (paying for more expensive insurance). To get more information about this, please read our guide on rental cars for young drivers.

Car rental guide - Fort Lauderdale - Airport [FLL]
Under 25 car rental vendors in Fort Lauderdale - Airport [FLL], Florida, USA
At the moment we know that only these car rental companies can provide cars for drivers less than 25 year old:

Alamo car rental at Fort Lauderdale - Airport [FLL], Florida, USA
Europcar car rental at Fort Lauderdale - Airport [FLL], Florida, USA
Thrifty car rental at Fort Lauderdale - Airport [FLL], Florida, USA
Budget car rental at Fort Lauderdale - Airport [FLL], Florida, USA
Hertz car rental at Fort Lauderdale - Airport [FLL], Florida, USA
addCar car rental at Fort Lauderdale - Airport [FLL], Florida, USA
National car rental at Fort Lauderdale - Airport [FLL], Florida, USA
Important information about car rental for drivers under 25 in Fort Lauderdale - Airport [FLL], Florida, USA
As a rule, drivers whose age is not included in the "standard terms" of the rental companies, upon the arrival at the car rental office, will have to pay an additional fee, called "young driver fee" or "drivers fee" or a senior driver fee. This amount is the cost of additional insurance that the rental company has paid to the insurance company to cover additional risks connected with the inexperience of the youth or the health of elderly drivers. Unfortunately, not all rental companies can insure rental cars for drivers under 25 or older than 75 years.

The payment of the fee for a young or elderly driver is carried out at the rental point! Our system is not always able to include this fee in the rental amount specified in the search results. Therefore, please pay attention to what is included in the specified price!

Our comparative table shows how much you will have to pay per day in addition to the basic price of car rental if you are under 25 years old. Additional payment is to be made at the rental office upon arrival.

Vendor Standard terms Terms for young drivers
Alamo 25-99 years old 21-24 years old
Europcar 25-99 years old 21-24 years old — 25,00 $/day
Thrifty 25-99 years old 21-24 years old — 25,00 $/day
Budget 25-70 years old 21-24 years old — 28,00 $/day
Hertz 25-99 years old 21-24 years old — 25,00 $/day
addCar 25-99 years old 21-24 years old — 20,00 $/day
National 25-99 years old 21-24 years old — 25,00 $/day
Note that if the value for the "young drivers" column is "maximum", it means that you will not be charged more than this amount even if you rent a car for a whole month. For example, if a daily payment specified is $15 a day and a maximum of $105 (that is, cost per week), and you are going to rent a car for two weeks, then instead of $210, you will just be required to pay the maximum fee of $105 - this can be quite profitable in the case of a long rental.

Driving experience
When booking a car, young drivers often don’t pay attention to the minimum driving experience required by the rental company. As a rule, the minimum required length of experience is one year from the date the driver's license is issued. If your driving experience is less than one year, and this is not explicitly indicated in the terms and conditions of the rental (that the rental company have requirements for driving experience) - contact our support or support of the rental company to clarify this issue.

International Driving License, International Driving Permit (IDL, IDP)
If in your license there are words that are not written in English, then as a rule, you will need an international driving license (IDL). Without such license, you could be refused in a car rental and you will lose your deposit. Very carefully consider this requirement. The license of the international reference can be obtained in addition to your domestic license with special services at your place of residence or easily ordered on the Internet. It’s made based on your national license and contains a translation into English and other languages. The availability of an international driving license does not negate the need to have an original national driving license issued in your country.

Pay attention! International (or not international, doesn’t matter!) Driving license issued in your country by public authorities and the International Driving License are different documents! If the rental specifies that you need the International Driving License or International Driving Permit, this means that in addition to your national license, you will be required to provide an additional IDL (also known as IDP) document. And if you don’t have this document, you will be refused in rental and a rental company won’t refund the money paid for the rental because they will consider that you’ve violated the terms and conditions!

Also, do not count on the fact that you will be able to persuade the rental company member to give you a car without an IDL, in case IDL is required. This requirement comes from an insurance company that insures your rental. If the worker of the rental company gives you a car without asking an IDL, this means he personally bears all responsibility for the car in case of damage or theft. Do not think that someone will go for it.

CDW, TP, Excess Fee
CDW - collision damage waiver - this is the rental insurance, which is required in 90% of the cases of rental cars. Without this insurance, rental companies won’t give you a car. Therefore, usually this insurance is included in the price of the car rental and you can’t refuse it. This insurance protects you and rented car from most damage in case of an accident.
TP - theft protection - theft insurance. Also it’s required in most cases and its cost is included in the rental.
Excess Fee is the amount of the deposit that will be blocked on your credit card in case of damage or car theft. If at the end of the rental nothing bad happens with the car, then the entire amount of the deposit will be returned to you on the credit card. On the other hand, whatever happens to the car, the amount of the deposit is the maximum amount you risk. This is very convenient and allows you not to worry about renting a car.

Insurance Tips For You:
It may happen that the budget of your trip doesn’t allow you to leave a pledge of the necessary amount (excess fee). In this case, you can usually buy full insurance directly at the rental office. However, in some cases, the cost of full insurance can exceed - and sometimes significantly exceed! - the cost of the car rental.
Some rental companies allow you to reduce the deposit by paying some part of the cost of insurance (Complete cover package). In this case, the amount of excess fee can be reduced by 50%, and even 80% - for example, from 1000 euros to 500 or even to 200. Read attentively the terms and conditions of the rental to understand how much you will have to pay in the end. Also, note that a standard insurance doesn’t cover some damage to a car, for example, damage to windows, bottom, roof, and some other parts of the car. So in the case of damage to these parts of the car, that part of the deposit that the rental company will spend on repairing the damage won't be returned.

Approximately 30% of our tenants are ready to keep the necessary amount of deposit, but they are not really ready to risk it. If this is your case, you can buy excess insurance right on our website. If you bought an excess insurance, then in the case of any problems with the car - whether it's just a scratch or significant damage - our insurance company will refund the amount of the excess fee, withheld by the rental company. In addition, our insurance covers the above-mentioned damage to the roof, the bottom, and the glass of the car, as well as the loss of some personal belongings. For example, there are cases when tenants leave expensive glasses or a smartphone in a rental car. Such losses can also be reimbursed by our insurance. Please read the terms and conditions of the insurance carefully before purchasing!
Note! If you are planning to buy full insurance at a rental office (paragraph 1 above), you don’t need to buy collateral insurance (paragraph 2). And vice versa - if you bought an excess insurance on our website - cancel the offered insurance at the rental office. You will be offered such insurance, and sometimes it will be offered importunately! Persistently refuse the same way. Otherwise, it will turn out that you paid for the insurance twice.

If you didn’t purchase an insurance (or excess insurance online, see F.A.Q.), then a certain amount of excess fee on your card will be frozen for the entire rental period and defrosted after you return the car intact.

Payment by Credit card, payment by debit card
Drivers have to pay for rental only by valid credit cards. Debit cards are accepted very rarely. So be sure that you have a credit card and there is no “Debit” inscription on it.

How to rent a car
Choose the dates you need to start and end your rental. Specify the time when it will be convenient for you to pick up and return the car. Don’t forget to leave enough time for the formalities at the airport!
When choosing a car, pay attention to whether a young driver fee is included in the rental price. Usually it’s included, but don’t forget to check it in the case with the car you selected.
Read the terms and conditions of your rental, paying attention to the following points:
Limited or unlimited mileage. If there are restrictions on the daily mileage, you could end up paying more if you drive long distances. The unlimited mileage option could save you money in the long run.
Insurance. Pay attention to the cost of full insurance and the amount of the Excess fee. It happens that the cost of your rental is not very high, but the Excess fee is huge and the cost of insurance is also high. This is made with the expectation that on arrival at the office, you will buy the insurance and thus a rental company will reimburse the low cost of the rent. Count the total cost of your rent!
Fuel. Check the fuel options to find the best deal for you. (Pre-purchase fuel). This is suitable for long trips over long distances or if you don’t have time to fill the tank before returning the car. (Return tank Full) If you have time and a gas station is near by, this could save you money.
Think about what is more advantageous for you: buy excess insurance, full or partial insurance at the rental office or buy neither one nor another. It can depend on the budget for a particular trip, on your driving experience, on how familiar you are with the driving style in the region where you rent a car, etc. Note that if you are a young driver, the amount of deposit for you may be higher than for drivers whose age falls within the range of 25-75 years - this can be a criterion in making a decision too. If you need help in this matter, please contact our support.
Drivers License. You must have a current driver's license for rental. You can get an International Driving License (IDL) from your home country if you plan ahead. IDL (International Driving License), pay attention to whether IDL is required by the rental company. A cost of an IDL is not so high and it’s very likely that you will manage to make it in time. However, if you have an IDL and it is not required for rental, take the license with you anyway, it won’t hurt.
Credit Card. Check the rental conditions of the rental agency to see if you can pay for a rental by debit card or cash if you don’t have a credit card.
After choosing an appropriate car, enter your personal data in the corresponding fields. If you decided to buy deposit insurance, choose an appropriate option from the proposed list (note: unfortunately, the insurance company that provides insurance services for our site doesn’t work in some countries. It may turn out that you can’t buy deposit Insurance on our site). Then click “Continue”.
Enter the payment card details. At the payment stage, it doesn’t matter what type of card (debit or credit) you use.
Click “Pay”.
When the rental agency receives and confirms a payment from the payment card, you will get an email with a confirmation of your rental and a link to the voucher. Please follow the instructions on the voucher (do not forget to print it and take it with you).
If you have any questions, text us in support. We are always happy to help! In general, don’t be scared, it's not very difficult and every month thousands of people rent cars, so do you will succeed!

We wish you a pleasant trip and a positive experience!
Under 25 Car Rental Fort Lauderdale Airport
Under 25 Car Rental
Fort Lauderdale Airport


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