View Full Version : RS-232 Interface - anyone with experience recording AoA Pro data onto a laptop?

08-31-2013, 04:07 PM
I'm interested in tapping into the RS-232 interface to log AoA data during flight test. I've looked over the RS-232 Interface document http://www.advanced-flight-systems.com/Support/AOAsupport/RS-232%20Interface.doc and need some help in understand how to wire it.

1) Where can I download the visual basic program for data logging?
2) In the RS-232 interface diagram there is a schematic. Do I need to build this circuit to feed the data to my laptop?
3) The interface document says CTS and RD are not used, yet the schematic shows them wired. Why?
4) Is there a data specification for the hexidecimal data stream coming out of the CPU? What data is streaming and in what order?

If anyone has had success in pulling AoA data, I'd sure appreciate a little help.

Howard (GlaStar)