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Shawn McGinnis
02-11-2013, 03:08 PM
Please direct your PocketFMS feedback regarding MV16 EV01 (Map Version 16, Export Version 01) which will be made available with the Version 2.0.4 of PocketFMS (http://www.pocketfms.com/).

Known Bug List:

Runways with both right and left patterns shown as right

Request List:

Improved locations of airspace elevation marker

Data Missing from PocketFMS

City Names for US Data
Fuel Availability for US Data
Airport Wind Indicator
Airport Beacon

02-18-2013, 07:28 AM
Congratulations on the interface! Waiting for the 3400s software, and we'll be testing very soon :-)

04-06-2013, 04:59 AM
Map Display
I tried to comment some aspects into the pictures.

G: The magenta line for the flight plan is nice, but it "bites" with the current airspace color for Class C Terminal Airspace. Suggesting to change Terminal Airspace Color to some Blueish/Cyanish

A: Is a database issue i'm adressing with PocketFMS (older designator and newer designator for the same item in the database overlapping)
B: As the Terminal Sector goes around the CTR but with these "legs" on the left and right, and the software centering the airspace label, the airspace label actually displays in the wrong sector... In this case, it should be a few miles north / northwest. Maybe a check, whether the label is actually within the sector boundaries could be added. Not easy, i know.
C: The blue dotted line is not sufficient to depict class D Terminal airspace. Also, showing only the top level doesn't do. D airspace in Europe is not limited to CTR's from GND to some level. There are several sectors that have lower levels.
D: Again, class D airspace.
E: Helicopter landing spots, should be marked as "H" or at least different from the other private airfields. Maybe filter them out. could be misleading and distracting.
F: There is an airspace class "87 VFRR VFR ROUTE/CORRIDOR", which pocketfms displays in bright green. These would be an awesome addition.

The nearest screen shows a nice contrast with yellow. Also the Helicopter fields having the runway length "unknown".

Two reference screen captures from the desktop app (note that more or less all colors are configurable, however these fit the now standardized european airspace chart color scheme)
-the VFR Approach Sectors in Green
-IFR Waypoints would be a really nice addition, as a lot of coordination with ATC is much easier by referring to the IFR waypoints.
-Class D airspace is more prominent and handled like C airspace.

thank you very much!

kind regards,

p.s. How far is the implementation of the nice new style Flight Mode Annunciator for the 4000 series?
And the option for larger speed, heading and altitude fonts?

01-24-2015, 05:16 AM
The "EU" as the last two characters in the 3 map data files looks like it's pointing to the European Map Data (pocketfms however exports whatever you have selected as FIR's in the desktop version). So i suppose for North Americans or Australians, have a look at what format your AF2MAP??.AFM, AF2VEC??.AFM and AF2TER??.AFM have and rename the exported AF2MAPFM.AFM accordingly....!!!!!!

Shawn McGinnis
01-26-2015, 07:10 PM
...and rename the exported AF2MAPFM.AFM accordingly...

You SHOULD NOT rename any of the files. The AF2MAPFM.AFM is matched with the regional data available at http://advanced-flight-systems.com/MapData/terraindata.html