View Full Version : Interesting fault - AoA just climbs to max on take-off

Peter Pengilly
07-03-2012, 02:13 PM
Initially my Sport AoA worked well, but for some time it has just climbed from its normal setting to max deflection, with the associated audio warning, in about 30 seconds after take-off. Rob advised I probably had a leak on one of the input tubes, but several investigation sessions failed to reveal where the leak might be. I was confused.

Recently I have rebuilt my panel, and stripped out all the old instrumentation, including P-S plumbing, and re-installed using Safe-air1 connections (much easier). I found that one of the tubes (pitot or static - I didn't pay enough attention to figure out which) had become twisted and crimped shut. So I didn't have a leak, but a blockage.

AoA now re-installed and working correctly.