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02-26-2012, 02:46 AM
Hi Rob

After recently (again) evaluating the top EFIS systems including Dynon, GRT, MGL, your AF-5000 series is a clear winner and I just like what you have done with your product over the last few years, particularly no sub-menus and love the new hardware face and your online videos.

a) What Maps (Mapping Systems) are you (have been) implementing for the Australian market?
b) Approach Plates, are these also available for the Australian Airports?
c) Is there a demo software version to download onto one's PC to become familiar with and its functionalities of the Advanced Flight Systems software?

Re. Australian Maps: - Australian CASA [AirServices Australia] (Aussie's-FAA) naturally have available digital versions that are being utilised by most Australian resellers in their flight planning software or iPad applications. (attaching a sample 4.5mb pdf map file failed to upload/attach, tried several times)
fyi - Dynon Instruments have been approved by the Australian Government (link - http://dynonavionics.com/docs/news_australia_casa.html).

Looking forward to your reply.
ps. your 'info@' mailbox is full and my earlier Mail bounced back

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Rob Hickman
02-26-2012, 05:29 PM
We currently have Jeppesen map data for Australia and no Approach Plates or charts. We have been working with Seattle Avionics to get data for Australia and they have told us that they are getting very close to having approach plates and charts available.