View Full Version : Byonics GPS puck on AFS EFIS

07-19-2011, 04:26 PM
Has anyone used the GPS-2 puck available from Byonics with their EFIS system? If so, what setting did you use?

Here are the specs:

Byonics GPS receivers are 5-volt, WAAS enabled, WGS84, output 4800 baud NMEA 0183 serial and employ the SiRFStarIII chipset tracking up to 20 satellites.

I use one for my APRS tracking transmitter and it works well. I'd like to use it as a back up GPS with my 3500S'

Trevor Conroy
07-20-2011, 08:32 AM
4800bps is pretty slow. It's perfectly acceptable for APRS position reporting, but not great for synthetic vision. As a backup GPS, it would be fine.

02-09-2012, 09:51 PM
I used a byonic puck on my secondary af3500 as the only gps input to that device. I did not have synthetic vision. It worked great.

Rob Hickman
02-10-2012, 12:08 PM
It should work fine, it is the update rate not the baud rate that causes slow screen updates.