View Full Version : 18AWG wire to a Dsub Connector

02-24-2019, 05:35 PM
Working on my Quick Panel after a long break and came up with a couple of basic questions...

Q1 - Your diagram shows one 18g wire running to/from my Facet fuel pump. It splits into two wires going into the Dsub connector (i.e. two pins/wires that combine into one 18AWG wire which then runs to the pump). What is the required gauge of the two wires that will emerge from the connector and be spliced to the 18AWG wire? Do I have to use 18AWG for these? Or can I use 20AWG or something smaller? Per the diagram the same situation exists for the wire to the Starter.

Q2 - - The wire to/from the ALT is shown as 18AWG all the way into the Dsub connector (no split). I'm not aware of any Dsub pins that accept 18AWG wire. Can you please advise how to make this connection?

I've tried to attach a photo - hopefully this will come through...

Thanks in advance for answers to what I would guess are pretty basic questions.


Shawn McGinnis
02-25-2019, 03:46 PM
Page 17 of the V6 ACM install manual shows how to solder sleeve multiple pin connections with short 20awg wires into larger conductors. Same idea with the Alt Field.

If you want to go through the calculations (http://www.aeroelectric.com/articles/wiresize.pdf) you may be able to run a single 20awg for the alt field but it depends on the run length and alternator field amperage draw. (20awg gives you about 10ft at 5amps at cranking voltages)

02-25-2019, 06:05 PM
So even though the ALT wire doesn't get split into two wires/pins, I can reduce it down to a single 20AWG wire right at the connector - thanks, really appreciate the quick reply Shawn.