View Full Version : Dynon transponder adsb format

01-03-2018, 07:34 PM
After upgrading my GTN 650 to 6.41, there is now an ADSB+ Format 1 and an ADSb+ Format 2.

I checked my GTN 650 tonight. After the 6.41 upgrade what was ADSB+ was changed to ADSB+ Format 1. I’m assuming that since the Format 1 setting worked with my Navworx ADS600-B, is Format 1 the right option for the transponder?

Is my assumption correct?

Any idea why Garmin created these new labels and what are the differences? I suspect that these are Garmin proprietary and they won’t divulge the differences.

Shawn McGinnis
01-04-2018, 10:23 AM
Format 2 is something they made for their GDL 82 device. Best guess is it also contains the transponder control and setup information.