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  1. Oil Temperature Trouble Shooting
  2. Trim Indicator Trouble Shooting
  3. Approach Plate Instructions
  4. Software Installation Instructions (non "s" CPU)
  5. AF3500EE pages
  6. Updating EFIS Map Data
  7. Trouble Shooting EFIS - AP - 430W ARINC Problems
  8. AOA Wand Replacement
  9. TruTrak Digiflight and Sorcerer Autopilot Software Versions
  10. Can the SD-card be the reason for failures?
  11. RPM Board P/N: 71,420 Installation Instructions
  12. 2 Wire Oil Temp Sensor
  13. Error in document: 430W-EFIS-Autopilot-ARINC Interface Troubleshooting
  14. Says no gps on map screen
  15. Magnetic Heading Errors
  16. AF-4500 Knob Menu Setup
  17. Weight and Balance File
  18. Autopilot Gain Adjustment
  19. RPM Sensor does not Read
  20. Afs GPS cord length?
  21. Electrical Problems
  22. Wrong dates and pics on both the S and non-S manuals?
  23. Why not make updates for the manuals on a page-by-page basis?
  24. Changin the clock/NVRAM battery in AF-3500 non "S" CPU
  25. AFS intercom
  26. Full backup of System files
  27. AF-4500 with AF-Pilot Control Wiring Schematic
  28. POS-12 wiring
  29. AFS Comm Wire Schematic
  30. Updated GTN software, now AFS4500 says no GPS
  31. EFIS expansion connector in Main vs ARINC drawings
  32. Hall effect RPM pickup
  33. ALT switch and MASTER switch