FLEXIBILITY Any of the AFS screens can be configured as an EFIS , Engine Monitor or both if hardware modules are installed in the same screen. Connect an EFIS screen with an Engine Monitor screen using the Advanced Avionics Bus and you can display the EFIS, Engine Monitor, or both on either screen. You can even connect an EFIS/Engine Monitor screen with an EFIS screen giving you a system with multiple Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS). The optional Angle-Of-Attack module can be added to the screen giving you our superior and proven AOA technology on the EFIS display.

XM Radio Channel selection and volume control all conveniently accessible from and screen in the aircraft. Maintenance Logs Keeps track of Oil Changes, Annual Inspections, ELT Batteries, Filters, Brakes, etc...

Remote AHRS High Performance AHRS is Rated at 8g's and a 500deg/second roll rate.

Battery Backup Our systems are designed to run for over an hour in the event of an electrical failure, using the Lithium backup battery. The battery is continually recharged by the EFIS. The internal battery also will power the EFIS when the voltage drops on an engine start.


Seamless Integration Designed as a powerful, integrated solution. We are dedicated to making intuitive instrumentation that lightens the workload of the pilot. Everything you need is a simple touch, swipe, or button press away. Allowing you to focus on flying the airplane, instead of searching through complicated menu structures.


AFS Comm Radio AFS Intercom AF-5500


You can tune your AFS Comm Radio Remotely from any EFIS Screen. AF-5500 with Comm Radio and Intercom


Landing Gear Warning The Pilot will be prompted to check landing gear if the gear is down at a set high airspeed, or up at a set low airspeed. Amphibious aircraft are prompted to select "Runway" or "Water" and are then given audible wordings depending on the position of the landing gear.

Weight & Balance Allows you to calculate your W&B in seconds.

Voice Alerts All of our systems have a full-featured voice alert system. Lose oil pressure, for instance, and you will immediately hear “Check Oil Pressure.”

Digital Inputs Can be used for door warnings, landing gear, or any number of user configurable switches.

Touch Screen The AF-5000 Touch Screen option adds flexibility, capability, and a more intuitive user experience while retaining the full functionality of physical buttons, knobs, and a joystick. Fly into weather with the confidence of redundancy.


Our ADVANCED Moving Map will interface to most external GPS receivers giving you a large and easy to read display. It currently displays public and private airports, terrain, obstacles, airspaces, state lines, navigational beacons and intersections. Airport information is also displayed; including runways, frequencies, traffic patterns, elevation, pattern altitude and fuel availability. Add our optional XM receiver module for XM Weather. Weather also available through NAVWORX ADS-B. Traffic can be displayed on the map from a Zaon XRS, Garmin GTX 330 Transponder, or a NavWorx ADS-B Receiver.

KitFox Glasair Sportsman

VFR Sectionals Geo-Referenced Sectionals are updated every 28 days, and can be displayed in full screen or split screen modes.

IFR Charts Geo-Referenced IFR Charts are updated every 28 days, and can be displayed in full screen or split screen modes.

Approach Plates Geo-Referenced Approach Plates are updated every 28 days, and can be displayed in full screen or split screen modes.

Custom Map Airplane Draw a image to the specifications outlined in the manual to have your own aircraft or image displayed on your maps and charts.

Emergency Glide Our ADVANCED Moving Map will calculate and display airports that are within your aircraft's engine out glide range.

Weather and Traffic Our ADVANCED Weather/Traffic is optional, and requires a XM receiver module or Navworx ADS-B Receiver. Enables a live NEXRAD, METAR, TFR, Wind aloft, and Traffic. Geo-Referenced Data Geo-Referenced will display your aircraft's location as well as the location of surrounding traffic on all maps, charts, and airport diagrams.

Flight Planning Loads multi-leg flight plan from an external GPS navigator or allows user input from EFIS screen.

GPS and ILS Display CDI and VDI displayed from external GPS navigator or Nav radio.

Airport Information Complete airport information including runways, frequencies, METAR's, TAF's and pattern altitudes.


EFIS HSI Truly WAAS Compatible Our display integrates aircraft heading with GPS, VOR, Localizer and Glide Slope information. Garmin’s new WAAS enabled 430 has substantially different software from non-WAAS 430 units.  AFS has extensively tested the new Garmin 430W, 530W, 650, and 750 units with our EFIS systems in multiple configurations (i.e. single and dual screen EFIS with 430W, 530W, SL30, 496, Zaon Traffic unit, etc.).   AFS has performed numerous actual ILS and LPV approaches to verify that our 430W interface truly works, including the ability to send OBS Course and heading data from the EFIS back to the 430W.   AFS systems also auto-migrate the flight plan and approach from the 430W to our map screen.

Remote Radio Tuning Tune your SL30 or AFS Comm Radio Remotely from any EFIS Screen.

Vertical Power VP-X Integration The AF-5000 series systems are capable of interfacing to the VP-X electronic circuit breaker power system. Electrical Systems can be accessed and control through the VP-X page.

High Resolution Synthetic Vision

ADVANCED Engine Monitoring

Complete Aircraft Monitoring and Data Acquisition System The system continuously monitors and displays all of the aircraft engine data on a sunlight-readable color LCD display. Unlike other systems, the display can be customized to the user’s preference. Any of the standard instruments can be eliminated or added to the screen.

Fuel Gauges Support for up to four fuel tanks, all with low-level voice alerts.

Fuel Computer Full-feature fuel computer includes Gallons used, Gallons remaining, MPG and Gallons remaining at waypoint.

Flap & Trim Positions Directly reads most popular trim motors.

Active Checklists Multiple user configurable checklists.

Voice Alerts The system will warn you if any instrument enters the warning range. Other systems use low tech beeps as warnings.

Dual Bus Support Displays Dual Voltage and Dual Alternator outputs.

Flight Timers Count-Up and Count-Down timers.

Data Logging Easily transfer over 50 hours of stored data to your PC using the convenient SD data card.

CANaerospace Bus Will directly interface with the Rotax 912is engine without using an external module.

Tach and Hobbs Records both Tach and Hobbs times.

Turbine Engine Support Custom engine display for turbine engines.

EGT and CHT Display Displays all six CHT and EGT temperatures at the same time.

Lean Mode Detects and displays each cylinder as it peaks for LOP or ROP operation. Displays the degrees from peak along with current rich or lean status.

Engine Monitoring High Quality Engine Sensors

ADVANCED Avionics Planning Diagram

Avionics Planning Diagram (.pdf)

Avionics Planning Diagram AF-5000 Mode S Transponder AF-5000 Pitot/AOA Autopilot Remote Audio Panel Remote NAV Radio Comm Radio Intercom ADS-B Wx+Traffic
See Product Pricing and Information Guide on Pricing page for all options and combinations.